Equity in Action Report: Four Indianapolis Charter Schools AchievingRemarkable Student Outcomes

(May 21, 2024) – INDIANAPOLIS – Today, The Mind Trust unveiled “Equity in Action,” a new report shedding light on the exemplary eorts of four public charter school networks in Indianapolis to achieve remarkable academic and life outcomes for students. This research initiative was driven by the recognition that the practices of successful schools often remain unrecognized yet are integral to implementing equitable outcomes for all students.

The report showcases four school networks, each with its unique approach to equity:

BELIEVE Circle City High School pursues equity through access to accelerated academic and career pathways, a rigorous, culturally arming environment, and exposure through partnerships.
Circle City Prep achieves equity through an unapologetic focus on data-driven literacy and mathematics instruction, holistic student and family support, and intentionally honoring student heritage and identity.
Herron Classical Schools achieve equity through an unrelenting focus on scholarship, intentional use of data, and habit formation as a core component of tiered supports.
Paramount Schools of Excellence champion equity by respecting each individual, correcting injustices, cultivating engaging learning environments, and purposefully utilizing data, evidence-based resources, and wraparound support.

“I am excited to highlight and showcase the transformative impact of Indianapolis charter schools. in achieving remarkable student outcomes,” said Brandon Brown, CEO for The Mind Trust. “Through relentless dedication and innovative leadership, the Equity in Action report showcases how these schools exemplify the art of proving what’s possible.”

Uncovering Themes of Equitable Student Success

Following extensive interviews aimed at uncovering practices for achieving equitable outcomes for
students, three overarching themes prevailed:

  1. Steadfast Commitment to Academic Acceleration: Each school emphasizes establishing a clear academic bar for students and implementing strategies to expedite their progress toward those goals. They guarantee that every student has access to grade-level instruction, dual-credit courses, and accelerated career pathways in high school, ensuring a seamless transition to the workforce or higher education upon graduation.
  2. Adeptly Leveraging Student Data: All schools employ diverse formal and informal assessments to gather data, utilizing it to pinpoint additional support required for students to achieve their goals.
  3. Fostering a Conducive Learning Environment through Strategic Partnerships: Implementing Multi-tiered Systems of Support, the schools provide students with the academic, attendance, and social-emotional support needed to thrive. They actively engage with parents and community partners to expose students to opportunities and facilitate access to essential resources.

Inspiring a Path Forward: As we look to the future of education, a path forward is clear: we must prioritize automatic access to quality education for all, leverage data to inform decisions, identify and remove barriers that hinder student success, and share the load of responsibilities and opportunities when creating equitable educational environments.

For more information about “Equity in Action” and to learn about each featured school’s unique
contributions, please visit www.themindtrust.org/equityreport

About The Mind Trust

The Mind Trust is an Indianapolis-based education nonprofit that works to build a system of schools
that gives every student, no exceptions, access to a high-quality education. The Mind Trust does
this by building a supportive environment for schools through policy and community engagement,
empowering talented, diverse educators to launch new schools, and providing existing schools
with the support they need to hire world-class talent and achieve excellence. Since 2006, The Mind
Trust has supported the launch of 49 schools, 15 education nonprofit organizations, and has helped
place more than 1,800 teachers and school leaders in Indianapolis classrooms.

Media Contact
Kateri Whitley
kwhitley@themindtrust.org, 317-801-9682 (c)

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